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Online Help - Search My Network

Search My Network is a LAN search program with file manager that may be used to find files, folders, computers or printers on LAN or desktop PC. You may download it here.

Note that many help options are available by clicking on question marks ? in the program interface. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Help contents

1. Main menu, toolbar and status bar
  1.1. File menu and file operations
  1.2. View menu
  1.3. Program options
  1.4. Search menu
  1.5. Report menu
  1.6. Help menu
  1.7. Toolbar
  1.8. Status bar
2. Search parameters screen
  2.1. Search criteria
  2.2. Options
  2.3. Size filter
  2.4. Time filter
  2.5. IP settings
  2.6. Skip filter
  2.7. Content filter
3. Network view screen
4. Reports screen
5. FAQ and support

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