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File menu - Search My Network online help

Search My Network is a software for searching files & folders on LAN servers & desktop PCs with Pro features. You may download it here.

Online Help / Main menu / File menu

File menu of Search My Network program contains the following items:

  1. New project... - start a new project. After pressing this item a confirmation dialog appears. If you confirm that you would like to create a new project your current settings will be cleared and a new project started. The project us created using the default settings for new projects. These settings may be set by Set current settings as default menu item (see below).
  2. Open project... - open an existing project from a disk. By default Search My Network projects are stored in My Documents / Search My Network folder.
  3. Save project - save the current project to a drive.
  4. Save project as... - save the current project under a different name. The project with a new name will be set active.
  5. Save project copy as... - create a copy of the current project on a drive under a certain name. The current project remains active.
  6. Set current settings as default - saves current settings (everything including positions of controls, options, any parameters set) as defaults for new projects.
  7. Search parameters - file operations with search parameters set on Search paramenters screen.
  8. Network view selection - file operations with Network view selection.
  9. Report - file operations with Reports.
  10. Exit - close the program.

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