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Size filter - Search My Network online help

Search My Network is a program to find files and folders on LAN servers or a hard drive of a desktop PC. You may download it here.

Online Help / Search parameters / Size filter

Size filter pane of Search parameters screen of Search My Network program contains settings for limiting file size of search results. The filter allows to specify minimum (File size from) and maximum (to) allowed file sizes. If you do not want to specify the maximum file size then type the word any in the to field. For example, File size from 0 to 300 KB will find all files below 300 KB, and File size from 300 MB to any will find all files larger than 300 MB. The sizes may be specified in the following units:

  • B - bytes
  • KB - kilobytes (1 KB = 1024 B)
  • MB - megabytes (1 MB = 1024 KB)
  • GB - gigabytes (1 GB = 1024 MB)


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