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Free Link Checker is a freeware broken HTML links validator for web sites

Free Link Checker is a desktop freeware tool that does broken links testing. You specify a starting URL for validation and the link checker software finds dead links, invalid HTTP redirects and other problems on a web site or a single web page.

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Free Link Checker is a broken link check software for Windows. You specify an URL for testing and the program finds dead links, invalid HTTP redirects and other problems on a website. A broken link report is provided after validation. The search for broken links may be recursive, thus validating the whole web site for obsolete and dead HTML links.

The program includes HTML links spider and broken link analyzer. Free Link Checker provides various settings for broken link check, displaying invalid links report, tracking progress, setting up authentication (username and password) and proxy. It is possible to analyse links from the selected domain only, get only a summary of broken links, or receive a full report on dead or obsolete URLs (originating from a href, img, etc. HTML tags), invalid HTTP redirects, directory redirects, forbidden links (403 access denied), etc.

Try Free Link Checker -- a simple but powerful FREE broken link tool for a web site!

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